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Santa Eulalia, a multi-brand store that has long been a benchmark for those seeking the best in men's and women's fashion. What makes the experience at Santa Eulalia even more special is its exceptional interior design, which has recently been renovated and transformed into a masterpiece of elegance, thanks to the magical and professional touch of Marcasal.

Marcasal Marcasal has been responsible for the upholstery of the store: reupholstering of walls, the interior of the furniture, shelves, and wardrobe backs of the boutique.

Suede-like Alcántara: comfort and elegance.

Alcantara is a textile material, manufactured from high-quality synthetic fibers,used to cover various surfaces. It is a durable and long-lasting textile primarily used in upholstery due to its soft and plush feel, similar to velvet or suede. 

That's why the key element in the interior design of Santa Eulalia is the use of suede-like Alcantara. This material has been carefully chosen by Marcasal to cover every corner of the store. Suede-like Alcantara adds a touch of luxury and warmth to each space, , creating a cozy and sophisticated atmosphere that invites customers to explore high-fashion collections with comfort and style.

Reupholstering the walls, the interior of the furniture, the shelves, and the wardrobe backs. 

Reception: the first impression.

The reception of a luxury store is the first point of contact for visitors, and Marcasal Marcasal made sure that this area reflected the personalized attention that Santa Eulalia offers to its customers. The reupholstering of the reception with leather and the creation of new poufs and benches not only add a touch of luxury but also create a comfortable space where customers can start their shopping experience in a relaxed manner.

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