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"In the world of interior design, every detail matters and contributes to the overall experience of a space. Lamucca restaurants are a clear example of how meticulous attention to detail can transform a place into a memorable experience. The Marcasal team has worked on upholstering the benches in the various Lamucca restaurants.

There are various upholstery techniques for benches and armchairs, and the choice of a particular technique depends on the desired style, the materials used, and the required comfort. In the case of Lamucca restaurants, the technique used depended on the specific location. We primarily highlight the tufting technique and the vertical panel technique.

The restaurant La Pescadería de LamuccaMarcasal employed the tufting upholstery technique for the benches. What exactly is tufting? It's a classic technique that involves creating padding with buttons or deep seams in the upholstery material, forming raised geometric patterns. This technique was used to breathe life into the benches in an elegant black color. The result is a luxurious seating experience and a timeless design that seamlessly complements the restaurant's atmosphere.

Lamucca Club Fishermans

Various upholstery techniques were used for the different Lamucca restaurants.

Lamucca Plaza España
Lamucca de Serrano

Club Fisherman: Elegance in Velvet: Club Fisherman, an exclusive restaurant for parties and members, offers a luxurious atmosphere reflected in its velvet-upholstered armchairs and benches. Marcasal opted for a green hue for the benches and a dark tone for the armchairs, creating a striking visual contrast. Furthermore, the benches were designed with vertical panels on the backrest, adding a unique aesthetic dimension that further elevates the diners' experience. This technique involves creating vertical sections on the backrest of the bench or armchair, often separated by decorative seams or piping. It is used to add texture and a more formal appearance to the seating.

Lamucca Serrano and Plaza España: Elegance in Leather: The Lamucca Serrano restaurant and the one located in Plaza España also received Marcasal's magical touch on their benches, using leather and applying the tufting technique. However, the most remarkable aspect in Plaza España was the adaptation of the upholstery to the curved shape of the benches, which required exceptional craftsmanship to achieve a flawless finish.

The interior design of Lamucca restaurants is an example of how attention to detail can transform a place into an exceptional experience. Marcasal has played a pivotal role in this transformation, creating seating that is not only comfortable but visually stunning. From the tufting technique to the use of velvet and natural leather, each restaurant has its own unique personality, thanks to the talent and dedication of Marcasal. The next time you visit a Lamucca restaurant, be sure to pay attention to the upholstery details, and you'll enjoy the experience even more.

Restaurante Lamucca La pescadería
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