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Hotel Sofitiel Barcelona Skipper
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Hotel Sofitiel Barcelona

"Marcasal has once again showcased its talent in crafting textile solutions with its latest collaboration in the interior design of the iconic 5-star Hotel Sofitel Barcelona Skipper, Sofitel Barcelona Skipper Hotel. This interior design project was executed by the prestigious firm Factoria-UDA, which placed its trust in the quality and versatility of Marcasal textiles to breathe life into the hotel's spaces.

Since our inception, at Marcasal, we have upheld a strong commitment to excellence in the design and crafting of textiles for high-level interior design projects. Our involvement in the interior design of the Hotel Sofitel Barcelona Skipper has been instrumental in creating welcoming, elegant, and functional environments, offering one of the textiles that most enhances a space: curtains.

One of the standout aspects has beenthe custom tailoring of curtains in the hotel's common areas, as well as in its rooms and suites .Curtains play a crucial role in interior design, as they influence the space's aesthetics, control the entry of light, and provide privacy to the occupants. At Marcasal, we take all these factors into account to create curtains that perfectly align with the hotel's needs.

Marcasal's gradient curtains are the perfect blend of elegance and modernity, adding a distinctive and sophisticated touch to every space.

In the convention hall, sheer curtains in a soft off-white shade have been employed, allowing the natural light to permeate, thus contributing brightness and expansiveness to the space. Moreover, the main velvet curtains in a special color impart a touch of sophistication and elegance, creating a conducive atmosphere for events and business meetings.

In the guest rooms, the curtains play a key role in creating welcoming and comfortable spaces for guests. The gradient curtains in shades of blue in the suites add a touch of originality and modernity to the design, reflecting the dedication and attention to detail that characterize Marcasal's work.

The curtain materials have been carefully chosen to ensure the durability and resilience required in a high-end hotel. Velvet and sheer fabrics were selected for their elegance and versatility, in addition to being materials that seamlessly adapt to any interior design style.

Custom tailoring of curtains is one of our specialties, and in this project, we have crafted personalized textile solutions that cater to the specific needs of each space. Our dedication and attention to detail are evident in the results achieved in the interior design of the Hotel Sofitel Barcelona Skipper.

"The result is a sophisticated, welcoming, and functional environment that reflects the excellence in design and textile craftsmanship that characterizes Marcasal."

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