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Hotel Casa Cacao
Girona, España




Meritxell Arjalaguer 

The work of Marcasal in the Boutique Hotel Casa Cacao of El Celler de Can Roca is noteworthy for their commitment to providing the warmth and unique style that was sought after in each of the 15 hotel rooms. The interior design was carried out by the team at Sandra Tarruella Interioristas, who, along with Marcasal, created a cozy and distinctive atmosphere.

Regarding Marcasal's work, the choice of linen sheer curtains was a success in allowing natural light to enter through the windows, contributing to a sense of spaciousness in the rooms. Additionally, different styles of curtains were used in the hotel, with black iron rods framing some and others hanging directly from the bar, adding an interesting dynamic to the space.

It is important to mention that the type of stitching used in the curtains is black overlock, which creates horizontal lines that simulate the black rods of the other curtains. This detail not only contributes to the overall design cohesion of the rooms, but also shows the high level of attention to detail and care that Sandra Taruella and Marcasal put into each of their projects.

In summary, the work of Sandra Taruella and Marcasal in the Hotel Casa Cacao has been a success in creating a warm and welcoming environment for guests. The choice of fabrics, curtain styles, and attention to detail have greatly contributed to the creation of a unique and distinguished space. If you have the opportunity to visit Girona, don't hesitate to stay in this charming hotel and enjoy the gastronomic experience of the artisanal chocolate workshop that accompanies it.

A design that would provide warmth in each of the rooms. 

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