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In collaboration with Crazy Contract, we have been responsible for dressing the rooms of the prestigious Hotel Caribe in PortAventura, crafting the foscurit curtains, bed plaids, and cushions. Throughout this process, we have had the opportunity to participate in the selection of fabrics and designs, creating a unique and inviting ambiance. 

Choice of fabrics and colors.

In collaboration with the interior designer, we immersed ourselves in the process of selecting fabrics that would reflect the hotel's vision for renovation. After careful deliberation, we chose to use high-quality canvas with a unique floral print. This choice adds a touch of distinction and elegance to the headboards and bed plaids, making them standout pieces in the room. The beige and green tones of the canvas blend seamlessly into the surroundings, creating a harmonious and relaxing atmosphere.

Floral design for the headboard and bed plaid:At Marcasal, we strive to offer unique and personalized designs. For the headboard and bed plaid, we worked closely with the design team to achieve a distinctive look. The floral print on the canvas lends a special charm to the rooms, adding a sense of freshness and nature to the environment. Each headboard and bed plaid becomes a work of art that reflects the essence of Hotel Caribe.

The choice of fabrics, such as the floral-printed canvas and jacquard fabric, has created a unique and sophisticated ambiance.

Foscurit curtains and light linen:For the curtains, we chose to combine the foscurit style with light linen curtains. The foscurit curtains provide privacy and light control, while the light linen curtains bring elegance and brightness to the room. This combination allows guests to enjoy the comfort and privacy they desire while immersing themselves in a cozy and sophisticated environment.

Highlighted details:: Colorful cushions with textures To add a pop of color and stand out among the beige tones, we decided to incorporate cushions made with jacquard fabric in a beautiful green color. The jacquard fabric offers intricate texture and exceptional quality, adding a luxurious element to the rooms. These cushions become focal points on the bed or sofa, perfectly complementing the floral design of the headboards and bed plaids. 

In summary, the renovation of Hotel Caribe in PortAventura has been an exciting project in which Marcasal has played a fundamental role as a provider of fabrics and manufacturing services. Through our collaboration with Crazy Contract, we have successfully dressed the rooms with high-quality foscurit curtains, bed plaids, and cushions, bringing a breath of fresh air to the hotel Caribe's rooms. 

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